Monday, 13 April 2015

Handy Carry First Aid Kit
40pc First Aid Carry Case
Having a First Aid Kit on hand is a must have, whether you keep one at home, in the office, in the car or in your handbag; a Promotional First Aid Kit is there to help! 

Vivid Promotions offers a range of different First Aid Kits and First Aid Supplies including Promotional Plasters and Bandaids, Mini Care Kits with cleaning swabs, bandages and more. 

Red CPR Swimming Mask
CPR Mask Keyring
Choose a CPR Mask for your next promotion. These Branded CPR Masks are great for medical companies, ambulances and anyone wanting to promote health and safety.  

Printed First-Aid Kit
Medium First Aid Kit

Some of Vivid Promotions’ First Aid Kits include up to 50+ items inside these care kits to ensure you’re covered for just about any situation. Some other handy First Aid Supplies include Vivid Promotions’ Gel Hot and Cold Packs which can help with burns, muscle aches, headaches and can easily be warmed up or chilled to suit different situations. 

Promotional Sanitiser Tube
60ml Liquid Hand Sanitiser
Keep your hands free from germs with our Promotional HandSanitiser Products. Vivid Promotions has Hand Sanitizer Gel that contains aloe to soothe, we have sanitisers that are available with various colour and fragrance options and we also have Sanitizers which attach to a carabiner for easy storage and transportation. 

First Aid Bandages Pack
Promo Plaster Pack

All of these essential First Aid Products can be custom branded with your safety message or company logo for a great price. 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Drink Bottles! How to get the most for your budget

500ml Plastic flip top drink bottle
500ml Drink Bottle Flip Top
Promotional Drink Bottles are a must have promo item for those who don’t have a huge budget. Printing your logo, business name, details or slogan onto a Promotional Water Bottle will gain you fantastic exposure every time the drink bottle is used. 

Customised Hot Water Carrier & Mugs
Swiss Peak Thermos Set
As Drink Bottles are used on a daily basis, you can show off the brand to potentially hundreds of people every time you take a sip. Vivid Promotions Drink Bottles include Plastic Drink Bottles, Aluminium Sports Bottles, Stainless Steel Drink Bottles and we also have a great range of Vacuum Flasks and Thermo Bottles. 

Coloured Metal Water Bottle with print
Spectra Bottle
Choose a Promotional Drink Bottle that represents your brand in a unique way; make sure you invest in a bottle that enhances your brand colours, is attractive to look at, easy to use and sticks within your budget. 

Printed Sports Drink Bottle
Sports Bottle with
Metallic Ring 740ml
On our Plastic Drink Bottles, a lot of them can have a wrap print which allows you to utilise the brand area and print your logo as a wrap or print it on two sides to show it off even more! You can usually print on the top and bottom sections of the bottles at the same cost! 

Printed Stainless Steel Drink Bottle
Stainless Steel Water Bottle 800ml
On our Metal Drink Bottles, you can either print or laser engrave your logo for a more corporate feel. Laser Engraving your logo on a Metal Drink Bottle looks fantastic, especially when you choose a coloured bottle and the logo shows up in silver for a lovely contrasting effect. 

Coloured Aluminium Sports Bottle with attachments
Flip Sport Lid Bottle
Some of our Aluminium Bottles and Stainless Steel Bottles come with different lid attachments including screw on lids, lids with carabiners, lids with straws, multi choice lids, pop top lids and more. Vivid Promotions’ Branded Drink Bottles come in various sizes to ensure you can offer your clients the best option. 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Keeping up to date with Corporate Fashion Trends is now simple & easy for Business Men!

Whether you work for a high flying corporate company or simply just like to dress the part, Vivid Promotions’Corporate Uniforms and accessories are sure to impress. 

Corporate Jacket for Men
Mens Studio Jacket
Our range of Men’s Business Wear and Accessories includes formal dress shirts, suit jackets, suit pants, cuff links, ties and belts. We can also throw in a pair of custom branded socks to match your branding. 

Mens Long Sleeve
New Yorker Shirt
When it comes to promotional long sleeve dress shirts, Vivid Promotions has coloured options, white options, pin stripe options and various other designs to ensure your uniform stands out. You can add your logo with a print or embroidery or choose from a custom pin or badge to display your name and job title. 

Mens Business Pants
Mens Business Pants
Promotional Men’s Pants and Trousers are also available in different styles such as Grey Pants, Black Pants and various other workwear pants for every occasion. Team your new business uniform with a nice belt, promotional tie, engraved cufflinks and socks, all at great prices throughout the year. 

Corporate Mens Polo
Cartier Mens Polo Shirt
During the warmer months, it’s nice to have a Polo Shirt option to wear with your business attire and Vivid Promotions can happily offer some stylish Men’s Polo Shirts which include pockets, detailed collars, breathable material, various colour options and more! 

With Men’s Business Clothing, the possibilities are endless, so contact us today and organise your new colour scheme and business uniforms.  

Monday, 9 March 2015

Get moving & stay fit with Fitness Promotional Products

Stay fit and active with Vivid Promotions’ range of Fitness related Promotional Products

San Clemente Water Bottle
From Fitness Wear, Pedometers, Fitness Trackers, Drink Bottles and Sports Towels, we have it all and can custom brand each of these merchandise items with your promotional logo, slogan or business details at a low price. 

Mens & Ladies
Bizcool Flash Singlets
Vivid Promotions’ Fitness Wear is suited to both male and female clients and includes sports singlets, sports t-shirts, sports leggings, gym shorts and terry towelling headbands and wristbands to complete your outfit. Ideal for gyms, fitness clubs, sports clubs and anyone looking to promote their brand or team! 

Bolt Sports Bag
Made from breathable fabrics, our fitness wear collection is available in a range of colours, loose fit styles, tight fit styles and is made to last. Add a Gym Bag and Gym Towel to your list with your logo embroidered at an affordable price. These quality Fitness Items can be turned around within just 2 weeks! 

iSport Smart Bracelet
Fitness Tracker Wristband
If you’re looking for something new and innovative then our Fitness Tracker Wristbands are sure to hit the spot. These Fitness Silicone Bands can track your steps, calories, exercise distance and some even have an inbuilt watch and alarm so that you can wear all the time! Choose from a range of different silicone band colours to match each individual you are handing them out to.  

Custom Printed Yoga Mats
Throw in a cheap printed Water Bottle to complete your fitness set and hand out as a giveaway or include in a gift bag when you sign up at your gym! Vivid Promotions’ low cost Fitness Related Promotional Products are sure to grab attention for your brand and keep your brand active whenever these items are used. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Maximize your budget with Full Colour Print options!

Stubby Holder with Base &
Taped Seam in Full Colour
Printing your logo in full colour is a great way to show off photo prints, multi colour logo’s and artwork designs with depth such as shadows and gradients. Vivid Promotions is proud to offer a huge range of merchandise items that can be printed in full colour and all at budget prices!  

Branded Fizz Roll Fruit Tingle Lollies
with Full Colour Wrap

Some of our popular budget ideas that are available with your full colour logo include Sublimation Print Stubby Coolers, Full Colour Printed Drink Bottles, Custom Printed Mouse Mats, Confectionery with Full Colour Labels, Printed Lip Balms with Labels, Bottled Water with Full Colour Wrap Labels and Full Colour Printed Tote Bags. 

Full Colour Print Calico Tote Bag
Perfect for trade shows, corporate functions, give aways and gifts with purchase, these Full Colour Digitally Printed Promotional Products are sure to get your message across. We have a range of Budget Ideas that can be printed with your full colour logo in just 3 working days! This super fast print time allows us to offer you with fantastic rush order products for your last minute event. 

Seed Paper Card Pack
Vivid Promotions has a full colour printed item that can suit your event – take a look at our Full Colour Printed Calendars, Full Colour DL Flyers, Promotional Business Cards, Printed Beer and Wine Bottles with a Full Colour Label, Full Colour Printed Seed Stick Cards, Full Colour Printed Shopping Bags and Digitally Printed Power Banks

You can’t go wrong with a full colour or photo logo for your next event. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

How to Add some Fun to your Promotions!

Coloured Frequent Flyer
Brighten up your next promotional event, trade show or campaign with a fun and innovative promotional product! 

Neon Puzzle Cube

Vivid Promotions has a great range of Fun and Novelty Merchandise items including Anti Stress Toys in a huge range of shapes, styles and colours, Promotional Yo-Yo’s, Colouring and Painting Sets, Promotional Bubbles, Light Up Bouncing Balls, Mixed Puzzles and Games, Inflatable Balls and Toys, Brightly coloured Wayfarer Style Sunnies, Coloured Truckers Caps and more! 

Happy Klapper
All of these products can be customised to suit your target market and will surely engage your audience. Adding an extra element of fun to your event can gain great brand exposure and generate word of mouth clients. 

Anti Stress Football
Directly target youth groups, sports events, fundraisers, schools and fitness groups with a fun and useful printed promotional product. What’s not to love about a free giveaway promotional product that can be used, played with and kept for years to come! 

LED Light Up Yo Yos
With hundreds of merchandise items on offer, we’re sure to have something to suit your budget as well! Check out our 3 day turnaround times for this needing a funky promotional product within 1 week for a last minute event.

Monday, 9 February 2015

6 great products You must Travel with Now come with Custom Printing!

Universal Travel Power Adapter
Mr Universe III Travel Adapter
Who doesn't love to travel, explore new places and create great new memories? With Vivid Promotions, we aim to make your next travel experience even better! 

Airline Travel Pack with Pillow & Eye Mask
Travel Comfort Set in Clear Pouch
Take a look at our Promotional Travel Accessories including handy Book Lights, Luggage and ID Tags, Custom Luggage Locks, Travel Comfort Items, Travel Adapters and Printed Travel Wallets. All of these practical Travel Accessories can be branded with your logo at great prices so that you can spend more money on your experience! 

Black Zip Up Travel Wallet
Zip Travel Wallet
Whether you’re travelling interstate, around the country or overseas, we have you covered! You always need a Travel Wallet on hand to carry your itinerary, passport, flight info, tickets and more. Vivid Promotions’ has a great range of Premium LeatherTravel Wallets, Plastic Wallets and Zippered Travel Wallets to suit all travellers. Add your logo on the front and take your brand everywhere you go! These quality Travel Wallets are ideal for Travel Agencies, Airlines and Tour Companies. 

ID Bag Tag with Print
Monte Carlo Luggage Tag with Loop
Make sure your luggage can easily be identified with a Custom Printed Luggage Tag. Choose from Metal Luggage Tags, Full Colour Plastic Luggage Tags and Leather Luggage Tags with your logo. Luggage Tags are a fun way to make your bag visible to you and to differentiate yours from the rest! Safety when travelling is very important, and one aspect of this is locking your luggage. 

Secure your bags with a Promotional Luggage Lock or Luggage Strap. So if you’re looking for a handy Travel Accessory, Vivid Promotions is the place to go!