Monday, 9 March 2015

Get moving & stay fit with Fitness Promotional Products

Stay fit and active with Vivid Promotions’ range of Fitness related Promotional Products

San Clemente Water Bottle
From Fitness Wear, Pedometers, Fitness Trackers, Drink Bottles and Sports Towels, we have it all and can custom brand each of these merchandise items with your promotional logo, slogan or business details at a low price. 

Mens & Ladies
Bizcool Flash Singlets
Vivid Promotions’ Fitness Wear is suited to both male and female clients and includes sports singlets, sports t-shirts, sports leggings, gym shorts and terry towelling headbands and wristbands to complete your outfit. Ideal for gyms, fitness clubs, sports clubs and anyone looking to promote their brand or team! 

Bolt Sports Bag
Made from breathable fabrics, our fitness wear collection is available in a range of colours, loose fit styles, tight fit styles and is made to last. Add a Gym Bag and Gym Towel to your list with your logo embroidered at an affordable price. These quality Fitness Items can be turned around within just 2 weeks! 

iSport Smart Bracelet
Fitness Tracker Wristband
If you’re looking for something new and innovative then our Fitness Tracker Wristbands are sure to hit the spot. These Fitness Silicone Bands can track your steps, calories, exercise distance and some even have an inbuilt watch and alarm so that you can wear all the time! Choose from a range of different silicone band colours to match each individual you are handing them out to.  

Custom Printed Yoga Mats
Throw in a cheap printed Water Bottle to complete your fitness set and hand out as a giveaway or include in a gift bag when you sign up at your gym! Vivid Promotions’ low cost Fitness Related Promotional Products are sure to grab attention for your brand and keep your brand active whenever these items are used. 

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