Monday, 23 March 2015

Keeping up to date with Corporate Fashion Trends is now simple & easy for Business Men!

Whether you work for a high flying corporate company or simply just like to dress the part, Vivid Promotions’Corporate Uniforms and accessories are sure to impress. 

Corporate Jacket for Men
Mens Studio Jacket
Our range of Men’s Business Wear and Accessories includes formal dress shirts, suit jackets, suit pants, cuff links, ties and belts. We can also throw in a pair of custom branded socks to match your branding. 

Mens Long Sleeve
New Yorker Shirt
When it comes to promotional long sleeve dress shirts, Vivid Promotions has coloured options, white options, pin stripe options and various other designs to ensure your uniform stands out. You can add your logo with a print or embroidery or choose from a custom pin or badge to display your name and job title. 

Mens Business Pants
Mens Business Pants
Promotional Men’s Pants and Trousers are also available in different styles such as Grey Pants, Black Pants and various other workwear pants for every occasion. Team your new business uniform with a nice belt, promotional tie, engraved cufflinks and socks, all at great prices throughout the year. 

Corporate Mens Polo
Cartier Mens Polo Shirt
During the warmer months, it’s nice to have a Polo Shirt option to wear with your business attire and Vivid Promotions can happily offer some stylish Men’s Polo Shirts which include pockets, detailed collars, breathable material, various colour options and more! 

With Men’s Business Clothing, the possibilities are endless, so contact us today and organise your new colour scheme and business uniforms.  

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