Sunday, 24 August 2014

Escape on your next holiday adventure with essential travel products

Having traveled overseas for business, we know the importance of staying safe connected! Vivid Promotions stocks a number of travel products that can assist in staying connected.  

Premium Travel Wallet with Debossed Logo
Premium Leather Travel Wallet
and Passport Holder
Products like the Printed Travel Adapters with multiple plugs and attachments for various countries, Power PhoneBanks to give you that little extra boost of energy when on the go, Premium Travel Wallets to ensure your important documents and itineraries are all in the one spot, Branded Travel Sets and more! 

World Wide USB Travel adapter for iPads, iPhone & cameras
Universal USB Travel Adapter
There’s nothing worse that arriving at your destination and needing to charge your phone, laptop or camera and realising that you have the wrong power adaptor! Instead of rushing down to the closest store and spending a fortune on travel accessories, Vivid Promotions makes travelling a breeze with our low cost Universal Adaptors with USB attachments! 

Travel Padlock for Bags with Luggage ID Tag

Luggage Tag and Lock

Travel Locks and Luggage Tags are also important items to travel with as they ensure your details are clearly displayed if your luggage is misplaced and the locks secure your bags throughout your travels. Vivid Promotions really has it all when it comes to essential Travel Accessories. Simply take a look through our range, order some samples and invest in the best product to suit your brand. 

Our Premium Travel Accessories are Ideal for Travel Agents, Backpacking Lodges, International Airport Stores and anyone travelling on a budget. 

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