Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Your Corporate Brand should be Travelling in Style

Car Air Freshener with Full Colour Print
Citrus Car Deodoriser
During a day trip to a Trade Show last week, we are able to test some samples that were recently sent to us including a Printed Promotional Car Sunshade, Custom Shaped Car Air Freshener, Promotional Travel Mug and Tyre Gauge on a Key Chain. We loved being able to use all of these products and show off various brands and even had people asking us where they could purchase such a cool Car Sunshade! The answer was easy, Vivid Promotions! We stock a huge range of Automotive Promotional Products that really get your brand out there. Along with the sample products we got to test, we also have a great range of Glove box Wallets which are perfect for Car Dealerships and keeping your service paperwork together and in order. We have handy roadside emergency kits for accidents and breakdowns and we have Licence Plate Surrounds for various number plate sizes in each state. Being able to put your logo on something that is a prominent part of your day, such as your car, is a great investment for your brand and will surely draw in new clients and get the attention of existing clients. Purchasing merchandise items for your car doesn’t always have to be expensive, which makes it a no brainer with Vivid Promotions’ Cheap Automotive Car Products. 
Full Colour Digital Print Plastic Travel Mug
Digital Print Plastic Travel Mug

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