Tuesday, 16 September 2014

All you need to know about Cool Personalized accessories for your iPad or Tablet!

Having an iPad or Tablet is fairly common these days; it makes travelling easier with no need to lug around a heavy laptop and it can make life easier than using a smaller phone to view all of your important documents, emails and more. 

Full Colour Neoprene iPad Case
Neoprene Voyager Tablet Cover
Taking care of your iPad or Tablet device is sure to extend the life of it by using a custom printed case and adding extra accessories such as personalised ear phones, bluetooth keyboards, promotional power banks for extra battery life and also investing in a tablet stand to keep your device in position. 

Design your very own iPad Case with Vivid Promotions and hand out to your sales team, co workers or clients for great brand exposure. We have many colours to choose from with branding options such as debossing, pad printing, foil printing and more. 

When it comes to earphones, we have retractable options to keep your earphones untangled which can also be decorated with your business logo and colours. The compact size of the earphones makes them a great gift for trade shows, hotels, airlines and more! 

Printed Tablet Power Bank for iPhones & iPads
Curve Tablet Power Bank
Do you ever run out of battery mid way through an email or skype call? We know the feeling too well... but there’s no need to worry anymore with our handy Tablet Power Bank! Simply charge the power bank at home first and carry in your bag to give your tablet device extra life as needed. A great option for universities, corporate clients, fun and novelty promotions and more, the Ipad Power Banks will give your brand that extra boost. Accessorize your iPads and Tablet Devices with our printed options! You won’t go over budget with our low cost options to deck out your Tablet. 

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