Sunday, 28 September 2014

Here's how to enjoy the most of the Aussie BBQ & family picnic!

Adventure Picnic Cooler Bag for 4 People
Who doesn't love a nice outdoor picnic during the spring and summer months! A nice beach or garden picnic is a great way to relax on the weekend and socialise with friends. Now, here are a few things that you’ll need to have to make your picnic, the best ever! You can’t go past the main ingredient – a Picnic Rug.

Water Resistant Picnic Blanket
Jamaica Picnic Rug

Vivid Promotions’ has a wide range of Promotional Picnic Rugs and Outdoor Blankets to keep you comfy and these come with waterproof backing, warm fleecy material and a nice branding area for your logo. 

Foldup Picnic Carry Basket with Cutlery, Plates & Cups
Picnic Carry Bag
Next on the list are Picnic Sets. We have Picnic Sets including cutlery, various utensils, storage compartments and insulated compartments to keep all of your goodies. From Smaller Picnic Sets for 2 people, right up to Picnic Sets for 8+ people, Vivid Promotions has you covered. All you need to think about is the delicious food and beverages you need to bring!

Fold-up BBQ with handy Cooler Bag
BBQ Cooler Bag

Not only are these handy merchandise items good for warmer months, they are also perfect for a winter night or drive in movie night with family and friends. Vivid Promotions also stocks a great range of Umbrellas for summer days and can keep you extra warm with a nice Hot Chocolate during the winter months... the list is endless when it comes to those little add on’s to make your picnic absolutely perfect! For more ideas and information, contact Vivid Promotions today.

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