Sunday, 12 October 2014

Stock up the office cupboards with yummy Promotional Chocolates & Healthy Treats!

Healthy Snack Packet
Bar Mix Bag 20g
Ever felt the three-thirty-itis kick in during your work week? Occasionally we do, and there’s nothing like a little pick me up to do the trick! Keeping our ‘snacks’ cupboard well stocked, we have a range of healthy treats such as Wasabi Peas, Dried Fruit Bags, Mixed Nuts and also a few naughty treats that you can’t resist every now and then! 

Corporate Candy for Office
Corporate Colour Jelly Beans in
Stainless Steel Bowl
Promotional Confectionery and Snack Products are not only great to hand out to workers during the day, but are also fantastic merchandise giveaways due to the low cost and the wide variety of Promotional Snacks and Confectionery options. Choose from our Printed Jelly Beans, Personalised Promotional Chocolate, Refreshing Mints, Tasty Lolly Bags, Yummy Popcorn, Promotional Cookies and more! 
Printed Chocolate Beans
Printed Smarties

All of these delicious products can be decorated with your logo either on the product – such as the printed Smarties, or can have your logo on the packaging in the form of a print or label.

Christmas Decoration Acrylic Star
 Filled with Mini M&M's
Ideal for brand exposure, Promotional Confectionery Products are always a hit and will make that personal connection between your business and customers. Leading up to Christmas, Vivid Promotions also has a fantastic range of Christmas Themed Chocolates and Snacks to hand out to staff and customers or to include in a delicious Christmas Hamper!

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