Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Who else wants a hot Cup of Tea or Coffee to start their day?

Custom Printed Gourmet
Coffee Sachet
There’s nothing like a hot cuppa to kick start your day or to give you a little pick me up during the day. With Vivid Promotions’ Promotional Coffee and Hot Chocolate Sachets, your brand is on display in full colour and will leave you wanting more! 

Neatly packaged in premium foil packets, Our Promotional Coffee and Hot Chocolate Sachets come in a range of flavours to choose from that can tie in with your latest promotion or event. Hand out to clients with a Coffee Mug to make the perfect gift set. 

Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Jar
If you’re more of a Tea person, then we also have some tasty Tea options for you! Included in our Tea Collection are Loose Leaf blends and easy to use teabags. Select from our deluxe flavours consisting of Peppermint Tea, Black Tea, Chamomile Tea, Green Tea, Lemon Myrtle Tea and Detox Tea for health related promotions. 
Promotional Tea Bag Envelope

Include your favourite Tea blend with a Glass Tea Set for the ultimate merchandise item. Add your logo, message and business details on the Tea Envelopes, Tea Cards and Herbal Tea Packaging and get your brand circulating. Such a unique Promotional Product will have on-lookers wanting to know more! 

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